Interview with Purnendu Das, Director – Lowe’s Digital

Lowe’s digital team powers the $ 65 billion enterprise’s digital e-commerce channel, and is growing every day! In an interview, Purnendu Das, Director – Lowe’s Digital talks about Lowe’s vision to deliver a seamless experience enabling customers to engage Lowe’s whenever and however they choose.

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Paul | Our Biggest Strength in our Journey Forward

I spent a week with our team in Bengaluru, and as I was traveling back to the home office in the U.S., I couldn’t help but reflect on the journey we have had as an organization in the past three years.

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Priya | Putting the Human before Resources

An organization also plays an important role by supporting its employees through the crests and troughs of life. Professional and personal lives are linked- a bad day at work translates into a grumpy partner or sibling! At Lowe’s, we pride in calling ourselves a family. A family that trusts, respects and understands each other, stays together.

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Laila | Breaking Conventions Unabatedly

With just over two months at Lowe’s India as the director of operations, Laila Khalil manages diverse teams and says that her leadership style does not follow a set pattern or style.

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Employee Chronicles

Being a Lowe’s Ninja | The Learning Superhero

Having earned this esteemed title of ‘Lowe’s Agile Ninja’ will certainly catalyze in achieving one of my goals to help build at-least a ton of agile-ready army, equipped enough to take the plunge.

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Lowe’s Thanks Nasreen | Administrative Professional’s Day

On Administrative Professionals Day, Lowe’s India congratulates and thanks Nasreen and her team for the amazing year spent at Lowe’s India and wishes her the best for many more to come!

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Technically How

Hey PM… What’s Your ‘Story’!?

Off the many tools for communication in a project /operations environment, ‘Story telling’ emerged to be a favorite one. Most of us have been doing it unknowingly. When you, as a kid were adamant on not eating food, you mother narrated a story to convince you. The story and the characters /roles was carefully chosen to match the situation, stating the pros / cons.

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Approach to Innovation | Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a human-centered approach to innovation that draws from the designer’s toolkit to integrate the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success.

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Meet Our Teams

100 is Just a Number!

We have now reached a significant milestone – we are now 100+ strong as a team! We are a curious bunch of people, asking all relevant questions for improvement and always lookout for fresh thoughts and perspectives. For us, 100 is just a number!

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13 Reasons to Join Lowe’s | Our Talent Acquisition Team Speaks

We caught up with the Talent Acquisition team to know what are the reasons why a prospective candidate should choose to work with Lowe’s India.

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Employees’ Pinboard

Nithin | Being a Part of Something Bigger

I am a part of the workforce management tool used by Lowe’s Companies globally for determining utilization of field resources in the best possible way. I am proud that I am part of a company where all the leaders, colleagues and stakeholders understand the bigger picture, so we are ultimately working towards a single purpose!

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The Curious Case of Lowe’s India’s Runners

At Lowe’s India, we have a running group named ‘Marathoners’, who are ever too eager to motivate and push one another to achieve extraordinary feats of distances and pace.

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