Kaushik is a believer in finding opportunities in growth, because growth is not merely just a number, but a ecosystem of enablement. Lowe’s is constantly growing, be it opening new stores or acquiring new businesses both in traditional markets and also in newer areas. In this growth journey, Kaushik and his team provide seamless access to business applications and manages identities, playing a critical role in ensuring that the IT systems are always available, business users are able to perform and excel.  More importantly, as an organisation, Lowe’s is able to deliver on the promises that we collectively make to our customers.

Kaushik manages the Identity & Access Management practice at Lowe’s Bangalore. The team has primarily secures the internal web applications while still providing internal & external business users with seamless access to them. They also manage the lifecycle of digital identities of the entire use base- employees,  contractors, vendors & partners, securing the privileged accounts (accounts with elevated system access).

He identifies Lowe’s as an organisation, constantly striving to grow, evolve & improve and challenge itself to stay ahead of the curve. In doing so, it provides tremendous opportunities to its employees, and it is this sense of being an enabler of growth, of being a partner in this journey and to make a positive impact on the business, what makes him come to work at Lowe’s every day.

For him, the Lowe’s purpose defines what as a team they are here for; and why they do what they do. It sets the direction for everyone, keeping them focused on the end objective and help make the right business decisions.

 Well, did you know Kaushik loves to cook? He believes it’s an art and brings out the creativity in him. So, when’s the next potluck? 🙂