The Lowe’s Ninjas

“For knowledge, too, is itself power” ~ Francis Bacon

The ‘Ninja’ label to our learning initiative at Lowe’s India comes with an intent.

To me, as a trainer, it’s a metaphor that signifies critical characteristics to embrace and practice –

  • Preparedness: Knowing your audience, coming equipped to lead the journey.
  • Timeliness: Prioritizing your schedule and work to prepare & contribute.
  • Regular diet: Staying lean and keen requires regular dose of quality knowledge and knowing what’s the latest.
  • Wisdom: Combining knowledge with experience.
  • Masters of weaponry: Mentoring with clarity on ‘What-When-How-Why’.
  • Foresightedness: Draw the bigger picture, hypothesize various scenarios & plan the next move.
  • Agility: Ability to respond and change directions quickly, answer questions, clarify and again get back on track.
  • Laser focus: Passionate yet disciplined on achieving the goal.
  • Mindfulness: Being a good listener, doing the right thing at the right time.
  • Retrospect & prepare for the next: Never stop improving.

The very feel of being awarded an opportunity to “create something of value” was enough to fuel my relentless effort, spanning three full weekends and squeezing in time amidst my project meetings, to carefully design the content, learning aids like posters & handouts, interactive games & activities, countless real-life examples from my experience matching Lowe’s context.

The friendly arguments, giggles & laughter, personal experiences and perceptions shared by the participants during the two day workshop, still echo in my ears.

Credits and inspiration:

  • My first batch of knowledge seekers.
  • Reviewers and critics to my content, ‘Train the Trainer’ program.
  • My project team and Learning & Development team at Lowe’s India.
  • My cab mates who’d diligently switch off the radio to allow me focus on my slides.
  • Excerpts from the book ‘How to be a productive Ninja’, by Graham Allcott.
  • And my family.