At Lowe’s, Sabu believes that the ability to work with multiple channels (B2B, B2C),platforms (websites, mobile apps) and technologies brings him enthusiastically to work everyday. He underlines that direct interactions with business teams and an ecosystem that nurtures extensive communication between technology groups makes Lowe’s standout as a company to work for. Handling the complete online customer experience across multiple channels provides immense and diverse opportunities where he and his team make a difference to the global online retail giant.

Sabu and his team manage Digital Operations for Lowe’s. It involves e-commerce assets like,,, and mobile applications – both customer facing and in-store. They ensure that the website & apps have very high overall availability; promotions, product descriptions & images, inventory, shipping and payment systems work as designed and the overall online experience works without a glitch. Basically, the breezing online customer experience is delivered under their constant watch. They work on various technologies like Java, Microsoft’s .Net, Adobe’s AEM, Android, Swift (iOS) and even open source like Node.Js. It all comes together to deliver a better customer experience across all e-commerce channels.

What keeps Sabu’s grey matter ticking are the challenges that his team works on is the largest store for Lowe’s and for an excellent customer experience in the virtual world, they need to anticipate and work well ahead to meet and surpass customer expectations. A lot of constant prep, background work and upgrades need to happen to deliver an effective & seamless omni-channel experience.

On a lighter note, the man doesn’t divulge any secrets. Well, for him, secrets are not and cannot be revealed. We better leave it at that.