Interview with Purnendu Das, Director – IT Digital, Lowe’s India

What is your vision for Lowe’s Digital?

The vision for the team is simple and is aligned completely to our omni-channel strategy – “Deliver a seamless experience that enables our customers to engage Lowe’s whenever and however they choose”. We believe in enabling frictionless capabilities and experiences for our customer and associates, by leveraging latest technology and continuous innovation.

How is the digital team at Lowe’s evolving?

Lowe’s digital team powers the $ 65 billion enterprise’s digital e-commerce channel, and is growing every day! With our customer base embracing our digital channels faster every day, we are continuously innovating in cutting-edge technologies such as Virtual reality and IOT. The surge in traffic is driving us to operate at extreme scale, resulting in continuous optimizations in customer acquisition algorithms and hyper scaling solutions, while constantly innovating on customer experiences. We are building a highly scalable, available, reliable, secure, and performant system, as the backbone for Lowe’s Digital.

Can you tell us about the various technology enhancements that we could expect to enable the Omni-channel strategy?

We ride on cutting edge open source technologies that operate at a massive scale like Node.js, Redis, Docker, React.js etc. Not only do we try to build technology solutions on latest technology stacks, we also believe in in-sourcing the best practices, learnings and tools that evolve out of our projects to the entire organization. We constantly strive towards using the best tools and practices to give back time to make our product evolve faster without breaking sweat.

Who is an ideal candidate for your team in India?

Being a part of a Global Fortune 40 retailer means that the opportunity to learn, apply skills, and work as part of a larger team is much higher. An ideal candidate for our team is someone who is willing to be a fast and continuous learner, eager to achieve and make a difference. We are building a team of individuals who continuously raise the bar of perfection in engineering practices. We want individuals who leave things better than how they found it, in every delivery!

Ultimately, it is about the opportunity to be a part of a $65 billion enterprise, and being able to enhance the next generation platform, for the 17 million customers who shop every week at Lowe’s!

Want to be part of the digital team at Lowe’s?

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