The first thing one would notice about Patricia is her energy. The second thing one would notice is how she connects with and contextualizes situations. The third thing one would notice, is that her energy and her ability to connect and contextualize, come from her true passion to be real – as a leader, a colleague and a woman.

Growing up amongst brothers, Patricia knew early on in life that nature or nurture should not be guiding a woman’s future. Throughout her career, she has had to make tough choices, one of them being moving to India with her family to pursue her career. In her own words, there are three absolute rules to abide by when it comes to a career journey!

The first rule is about making choices. Everyone has a choice, she says. Choices could be of wanting a career, getting married, having children or even pursuing a passion. These are, according to her, matters of choice and the stronger one’s conviction is, the stronger your will to push to make your choice a reality. After her graduation, Patricia’s family wanted her to settle down, but she chose to go for her masters. Being the only girl in the family, the expectations from her family was definitely important, but that did not let her neglect her choice. She went on to get her Master’s in business administration after her graduate degree in nuclear engineering.

The second rule is of staying open to opportunities and feedback. Feedback, according to Patricia is a gift. Irrespective of who gives it, your first reaction on receiving feedback should be a thank you! Feedback and staying open to ideas, thoughts and recommendations only enriches your perspective and nurtures your growth.

The third rule is your ability to say yes or no in a situation. Patricia recollects a time when she was offered a role by a very senior person in an organization she worked previously. The new role did not excite her and she wanted to explore something different. People around her told her that saying no would be a mistake and that the executive could make or break her. But she had made a choice. So she went back to the executive, and said no. But gave options of who could be considered in the role. She also presented what her career roadmap would look like, and asked for the executive’s leadership and guidance to move ahead.

Having spent 6 years at Lowe’s, Patricia believes that the organization has a lot to offer someone who lives the purpose and demonstrates our values. Apart from her regular job description of leading the project management office and new business development, Patricia also leads the corporate social responsibility team.

An avid foodie, Patricia says the inside of her head looks like a task list, and always has a playlist of songs. Her task list is not just about what she needs to do, but what she needs to get done, when she needs to play her favorite sport, golf, and where she needs to grab her next awesome meal! She believes that every woman is the possibility of exploration and all it takes, is to realize the power within to move ahead.