We caught up with the Talent Acquisition team to know what are the reasons why a prospective candidate should choose to work with Lowe’s India. We had some really interesting answers, some quirky, some funny, and some really cool!

13 of them, and 13 different reasons.

  1. We are a family:  At Lowe’s, our purpose is what drives us each day, and because of this collective dream, we believe in supporting each other to achieve results.
  2. We are evolving: We are growing as an organization, and you have an opportunity to be a part of that legacy. After all, it is not every day that a Fortune 50 company says, we are hiring!
  3. It’s a challenging environment: There is never a dull moment at work, managers and peers who keep you going, and work that promises to flex those grey cells.
  4. You learn a lot: You learn from others, you learn through classroom training, you learn from your colleagues in the U.S., you learn from your work…you learn!
  5. A place you would wish to work: You want to come back every day to work, you become a true blue, like we call ourselves at Lowe’s.
  6. It’s fun: Yes, we have a fun club, which run culturals and sports events. But apart from that, the whole place has an easy vibe – be it work or otherwise.
  7. Give back meaningfully: We have been here only since 2014, but in these three years, our employees have volunteered for social causes and we are proud to call them Lowe’s Heroes.
  8. Open minds: Our leaders have open minds, and they welcome ideas, thoughts and deliberations! Our growth story is a testimony to it!
  9. Great office facilities: From healthy food on the house, to great collaboration spaces and safe transportation, our facilities team are like superheroes without capes.
  10. Ownership: Your work, your learning, your growth – at Lowe’s, it is in your hands and you own your career.
  11. It’s safe: Our safety and security team are exceptionally trained to ensure you are safe within the office and while you commute back from work.
  12. We care: Our employee benefits program called CARE, truly cares for our people.
  13. Driven to achieve: Challenging work, friendly colleagues, open minded leadership, good facilities, and a collective dream. Lowe’s is where you should be, if you are driven to achieve!

Now there is only one thing left for you to do. www.lowes.co.in/careers

See you soon at Lowe’s India!